Ya..aku EGO!

i do admit

Sometimes we have to push our ego up

Especially when dealing with this kind of ‘too ego’ person!!

So making me sometimes I do push up my ego

Just to not look so stupid when dealing with that kind of guys/girls!

You don’t need to be humble all the time and looked stupid aren’t you?

Especially when you have ‘friends’ or GF or bf that always like to prove to the world how stupid are you!

Our parents don’t raise us up so that we would look like stupid isn’t it?

Unfortunately, I heard that people that are calling me ego said that they heard or knew it from this only one source. To be exact, this one person. Its hard to accept right when a ‘pondan’ called you ‘pondan’ like seriously and without realizing he or she is the one which truly ‘pondan’? Same case with mine (except change the pondan words with ‘full with ego’)

Sad? No

Disappointed? Yes

Pissed off? Yes

I am sorry towards those guys/girls that think I am too ego

Maybe I am and I don’t realized it

But when you say it, please don’t say

‘ I heard this guy/girl said you r an ego, so I think u are an ego person’

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

You think I am full with ego because of someone else think like that?

Maybe if he/she said I rape or kill someone

You also have to believe that?

Fuckoff!! I don’t need this kind of friends

Note: stop downsize-ing people laa.. come on.. if you want to become soo popular, tell all the people how great you are not criticizing others..

You are full of shit..the -eNd-


  1. ya betul!!i used to HAD a friend,who bitch about his friend,telling me that his friend is no good..as if he was good. When in fact, I found out the truth, that his friend is 10 times more nicer & good than him. I'm happy he is just a peck of dust on my shoes.miahahahha...jahatnya aku.

  2. p/s: jaganlah sombong, bikin kawan..

  3. -ego is nothing to be proud of. but it is a self defense mechanism that has been working so far for me. ..