Mood Aku Down [ out of nowhere ]

fair enough... maybe its true there is no quality at all in me to offer. its time to rewrite a better story so i go. i accept the defeat...

and now, i feel like crying... its like a button has been push. old button. emotional button. damn, out of sudden i realize that i am not that strong after all.

back there, still i can recall the feeling. the broken heart. the humiliating. the loneliness. its hurt. its really hurt. at one point i feel like i am nobody. useless. pathetic. they made me feel that way. they made me to accept that they all are the better person. perfect. smart. and knows everything. that there is no place for dreadful person like me... *sigh*

*me -always knows that the person i care will suffer more than all the selfish unresponsible arrogant muppets!