Aku Kau & Dota [ Pure Skill ]

DOTA united!!
ok.. this my latest story of dota since waiting for the pics can die 1... lol..
So... since i'm still out of topics to blog about.. i'll blog about my dota friends .. xD
this what people call teamwork's~~

name: Isa
nickname: Likku
Famous quotes: "i'm not drunk.. i'm just tipsy".. "i like sex", "I'M NOT GAYY!!!", "okok bye *slams down phone*"
Hobbies: dota.. dota.. dota.. yamcha.. dota..
Skillz: Ability to swim on solid hard floor, inhuman uses of the phrases "i'm on the way" and "i'll call u back", Special ablitily of breaking braces.. OTHER ppl's braces

;), e.t.c~

Name: Joedy
Nicknames: Krychekz Tarrasque Dysha
Famous quotes: "If you dunno how to play teamwork...dun join my game..Sohai Noob~!"
Hobbies: gf... dota...gf dota dota dota dota kerja..... art-sy shit...
Skillz: Superhuman art skills (compared with the rest of ex), Super cincai attitude, Inhuman vocabulary of curse words in multiple languages...

Nicknames: Zin
Famous quotes: "MY EYES ARE OPEN!!!", "
Hobbies: .. dota... gf....
Skillz: Superhuman Diet skillz seen HERE.. Incredible GF getting ability.. Super long distance relationship mantaining skillz.. Ability to see although his eyes seem closed..

Name: VongoLa Rif
Nicknames: Rif
Famous quotes: "cc??", "burger??"...
Hobbies: wantheng.. dota... dota....... dota.............
Skillz: Super ability of ending up in cc regardless of what he does b4 that together with tw and yh, Inhuman driving/drifting skillz, uber ghey badminton skillz, SURPRISE!!!!!(inside joke) XD

Name: Din
Nickname: Ryon, Yon , One test
Famous quotes: owellz, orite, "nyambung putus nyambung putusnyambung putus haha"
Hobbies: Dota.. gf.. dota..gf. dota..gf..... [on and on and on]
Skillz: Uber popping skillz.. dancing god lol...haha..

Name: Sarip
Nickname: Bradzz
Famous quotes: ma kuku... likear (liquor).. germ (gem).. terran (terrain)
Hobbies: dota dota dota dota dota.....
Skillz: VERY POWERFUL stealing skillz.. VERYYYYY powerful wind walking skill.. (run away from anything and everything XD)

Name: Arafa Daming
Famous quotes: lan JIAOOOOOOOO, wtf =.=
Hobbies: dota dota dota dota (n amount of times)
Skillz: Superhuman posing skillz, Crashing into cactuses, Super dota imitating ability =)

Name: Din
Nickname: Lanun + Semboii [zzzz]
Famous quotes: NO MONEY... NO MOOD... I UGLY LA....
Hobbies: watching BME pain olympics.. (go type that on google and watch la).. dota tfk dota tfk dota dota dota...
Skillz: Uber merendahkan-diri skillz.. ability to withstand an INSANE ammout of SICK videos.. Super ability to turn reddish-purple like in the pic above more SUPER abuse of the word f*ck more has super ability of acting/posing gay wakakaka...

Name: Buddy
Nickname: buddy
Famous quotes: weeihhhhhh... , why like that? why cannot like this?
Hobbies: running..dota running..dotaaa and more running...dotaaaaaaaa
Skillz: run until break pelvis bone.. running backwards.. running forwards.. INFINITE stamina..

Nickname: just say bilis
Favourite quote: don't hate dota so much girl's
Hobbies: dota dota dota dota...just say dota
Skillz: pure skillz

oh well.. those are the MAIN ppl of EX.. =D and a basic description of them.. we used to have a few more ppl.. who either went missing in action,So well.. yeah..

Sorry if i missed out anybody..

I'll will owes be remembered you guys... DOTA FOREVER!!!