that look when you're so tired but your mind is still not asleep....

You're the only reason why I'm here in the middle of the night. 

That feeling when you're missing someone.

I miss you. 

Ohh.. I know you are so sleepy ..so many zzzzzzzz


Some Tag For Fun ^....^

since there are no game to play i mean dota and sdo, so i decided to post this entry as i've been tagged by my fellow blogger friend...yeahh lets tag ppl after this and lets try! 

 1- Name one person who made u laugh last night?
*amar, anong, bidin, lina, bulan, my mom, udin, a lot. 

2- What were u doing 1 hour ago?
*dota, blogging, dota, dota, gameing :) 

 3- What was da last thing you said out loud?
*i no loud so much..sorry! 

4- Where's da next place you're going to?

5- What was da last thing u paid for?

 6- Where were u last nite?
*In my room. 

7- What's da best ice-cream flavour?

8- Do u wanna cut your hair?
*Cut already T_T 

 9- Do u love to 'melatah'?

10- If that so(melatah), what will u said out loud?
*"Opocot!" haha. 

11- What does da last text-msg received say?
*"DING. Communicate with your FRENs one on one via a unique pop-up & fun message! Send KDING to 25333. - 10 KOINZ ...!" 

12- Will u get married in da future? 
*got rezeki got jodoh, trying haha..but ya! :D 

13- Do u chew on your straw? 

14- Do u make-up your own words? 

15- Is there anyone u like/love right now? 

16- Tag to other 5 bloggers/more 
1. you 
2. anda 
3. kamu 
4. awak 
5. semua orang yang baca tag nie.