3rd life's

the tittle has nothing to do with anything i'm writing...


I sense someone is missing me.”

- How do you know?

- Because I missed her too! ”



i have few things to report on.

-i've lost my heart. it was stolen by someone .....
-i've fail to impress my parents
-i've learn to let go my strong loving feeling towards few of my ex-gf.
-i'm loving someone else more than ever before.
-got new hair , even i don't like, it but to make someone happy ..there! haha...
-yup!! go to the cinema for the first time in two years ..zzzz
-and i...don't even bother with others critics and insults.

* my resident evil 4 cd got damaged due, buy or lend me can?..*hurmm* the end....


  1. hey wut's down? shut u say that one akma..haha..gurau ;P seat al'dulillah akma,kamu?