Avoiding Enemies

1. Respect every one and show respect even if it annoys you to do so.
2. Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.
3. Conduct your self with honor in all that you do.
4. Treat every one- even those that you utterly despise- with dignity.
5. Do good unto every man.
6. Take care and always be truthful even when it is not convenient to do so.
7. Avoid taking what is not yours for your own benefit.
8. Understand that it is wrong to commit infidelity or take a man’s woman from him, or if you are a woman never take another woman’s man.
9. Avoid becoming involved in matters that do not concern you.
10. Practice the golden rule and do not gossip or make false allegations.
11. Live peacefully with all men.
12. Cause no harm.
13. Keep secrets.

Sources from wikihow.com

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