others of my story [part 1]

currently... im in a situation where things are falling apart, sedikit demi sedikit..selalu jatuh di sini dan di sana, inside and outside..dan ada yang bersuara dengan aku, cakap aku ni kebudak-budakan, but i'ts ok for me then i give you the story of my life from my other side...just to explain why. its not what i asked for being childish and stubborn. its just how i grew up eventually. its not like im blaming others for this... coz as everyone knew. i am a low self esteem person which tends to blame myself. so this is my route given by god and i cant make it the way others expect including family,lovers,friends and god..


i learned to perform my pray at age 4 or 5. i cant remember it well. i already finish the whole quran in standard3. i didnt even start learn to recite used iqra'. it starts with muqaddam straight ahead. and counting untill now. i repeated to finish the whole quran 3 times. however there is a black dot in my religious experience. i was a condemmed astray from form 4 till form 5 which i was an offical member of the satanism. thank god. i being reconverted by ustazah Fauziah in form 5. and untill now. im a muslims. i think subliminally. i was still at the point of searching god. and by god. he test me a whole lot of test...


  1. dsea666: bro,we all have our own episodes.i messed a lot too, but i believe there'll always be another chances and that's how i live.do remember, Allah loves His servants and that's why we always got tested..