move on..but still there..

kenapa susah sanggat nak "move on" and why the old one must always be the best one and no other?

u may think i am hypocrite by telling you this as i did faced the same problem before...tapi trust me bah...i learnt a lot! believe me, first thing you need to do to move on is to ACTUALLY MOVE ON. dunia akan sentiasa bergerak dan masa tidak akan berhenti menunggu mu... tiada masa untuk kita mahu menoleh kebelakang dan menunggu masa-masa itu kembali berulang...tidak akan terjadi. That moment is already passed..redha, Allah sentiasa ada hamba-hambanya yang redha..just let all the memories remain and enjoy creating a new one bah..

Its hard. Its not easy... OK, understand that. u think u had the best thing ever happen in your life before BUT, what made u think u will never have that kind of happiness anymore? in a different way, yes... Its not the same, yes. the situation may be different but still it can be another best thing happen or even better right?  u are holding back ur potential for a better life by keep seeking the almost impossible old awesome life....

i stop comparing what i have now and then. we definitely will not getting everything we wish for. start accepting everything around u as it is. appreciate all u have now in your life because u or me or others will know how precious all that when we lost them... God knows best what he think the best for u... just keep a little faith and start believing that ur best thing will happen to come again and again...the end.

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