clue & less

clue and less mode on….language mix on, cincai...so here we goes again...

there were times when i felt clueless..dunno who to ask, dunno what should be done to make it better.,and language barrier makes it complete!!

and the feeling that i don’t like the most is..being a burden to others zzz hurmm dari dulu lagi memang tidak suka kalau berebut dengan orang lain! moreover kalau tau orang tu..how too discribe this one..maksud aku,get annoyed cos of me…but no other way but to ask...got?


somehow asking back… if only i can do better. Hmm no idea la..then kalau sudah begini, maybe it's better go somewhere or do something which i can contribute better rather than being a burden to others though dunno where’s and what’s that.

somehow feels like my english totaly s**k, random question is..who am i?

it does happen in anywhere, work and general life somewhere..probably it’s common problem of living abroad.

bla bla mode off..

that’s what i keep holding on, and try to ask back to my self, did you try your best?
if yes, then it’s enough. it’s just a matter of time to get better.

the end...

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