nowadays ?

nowadays things keep wandering in this head...then it just,ok here this thing.. they are so random and puzzled me. i’d felt like screaming but can’t say it out loud and it requires some courage, you know...and i have none...ZzzzZ!

Everyone seems so far away... no, no, don’t get me wrong. i’m not letting my guard off and becoming such a weaker, spilling everything on them... nope! This is just a matter of me; trying to escape from my own cruel world.

at the end, i ended up in this small little space and after all i’d found one... the room; a perfect tiny place for escapes.. the place to hide those sorrows and troubles. i keep playing, dota, dota, dota and yeah.. maybe a bit enjoying myself playing the stuffs, or maybe reading news, and updating common issues.

One thing not to forget, I’m trying my best to always put a simple smile on this face..haha, yeah.. you may think this is to cover the feeling i’d felt or hiding my true expressions. but, you know.. as time goes by i don’t think i can become the old me... experiences really taught a lot and true, the feeling of hatred is blooming...

and....it become, the end.

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