Story about Dota [ hate blademail ]

Just now i played with krobelus, Axe (enemy) got his blade mail. I wonder what blade mail can do with my ghost. But the answer come so fast like the wind blow, when Exorcist blow up, He activates his blade mail and the damage that ghost done, returned back to me. Oh god, i wonder, did icefrog know this?it’s really unfair where you can’t control all ghost, they attack after i click some enemy. It’s really annoying that you can’t do anything with that. But i don’t know if i hex him, did blade mail damage returned also?

about Lion, i don’t like way of Lion with Dagon. He can’t keep his mana up in every second, especially in battle, you need to predict where your skill goes to, and how much the mana cost. Since Lion really need mana to control, Impale (160 manacost or nearly like that), Voodoo (200), and finger of death (520 at lvl 2 or something like that), i assumed that you don’t keep your mana pool to 1000, exception if you get stats. But assuming with dagon 3 at lvl 11 until 13. You waste so much mana. When your enemy see your mana pool can’t fit up your survivability to do Impale Voodoo, that’s your dead time.

*blademail dame pain..the end.