Dota Is Like Love 2

Dota Or Me ?

-Nortrom: When your beside me im silenced
-Enchantress: I get hurt when i go away from you
-Viper: I walk slowly when your near me
-Rikimaru: Even you cant see me just remember im always beside you
-Akasha: My heart always screams your name
-Rylai: You frostbite my heart
-Naix: Let me infest your world
-Doom Bringer: I cant do anything when your around
-Radiance: I get hurt when your around
-Rhasta: You got my heart shackled
-Pudge: I cant stay away from you
-Roshan: I will die for you

-item shop: I will give you everything
-Faceless Void: Time stops when im with you
-Terror Blade: I will give my life to you
-Mercurial: I will follow you

so.. the question:
1. u play dota too much?
2. care to explain? coz some of others dun play dota so much, good idea though..heks.

to someone [a.k.a baby] :if you a Fountain of life? You are my life..the end.

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