i'm not DEAD....but!!

Okay, second lie in less than 113 words..i haven’t particularly been busy with anything, except maybe… oh… important stuff... like Dota, SDO and D2...more? sure my ps2 xD

*After a night of gaming, the morning sunrays often dance all over my retina...*sight* a dance of pain and great suffering...

*conversation is entirely imaginary, but I think something to that effect was said that night. If you were there and happen to read this blog… Can’t a guy have a little artistic license on his own goddamn blog? Huh? HUH???

*there are several terms in there that probably warrant explanation, but to understand it you’ll need to play it.. i would show you one of those pictures they have on cigarette packets and tell you that playing the games causes you to get those to keep you away from it...sorry can't tell you more..? why? no idea..

*me; Seems we have the same problems … haha

*another me; (Unable to grow up even after feeding growth potion) can also get rid of it. go search... It's pretty new.

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