hurmm..like this, hate this

masa tengah cer..cek itu privacy settings for all applications.. i mean on FB, i realised that i took a lot of quizzes, some of them are of the same type.. the funny thing is that, i mostly get different results... contohnya..

ni dua kuiz yang aku ambil..and... 'which animal do i resemble' dan satu lagi’ result was penguin while the other said im a fox (keputusan untuk app ni aku da remove daa heks)then...the most amusing ones were the personality/temperament-tests. three quizzes (okay, untuk dua pesonaliti tests and one temperament test. i know they are different, but lets be dramatic la ) and three results: phlegmatic, choleric and melancholic...bagus juga dapat keputusan yang berbeza, a reminder that one) these are just quizzes made for fun..

more? ya hear this one..but! i hate to talk about this one, but somehow...nvm...its so lame when taking few quiz on facebook and hate them so much when it get's freaking accurate. cb!!! below is some example of the freaking accurate quiz!

sand king took the quiz 'are you really over your ex' and the result is you're stuck in henny moy
*you think you know, but sorry, you have no idea.. you pretend like everything's okay, but truth is, you're still all torn up over your ex.. it's like you're living two separate lives~~ depressed at home and putting on a happy face... for others. casual hook ups and drunken nights aren't going to do the trick to help you get over it either.. you'v got to properly mourn the relationship before you can healthily move on from it...*sight*

sand king took what is truly in your heart and the result is darkness sadness or redemption *you chose what you wanted to be,so just hang in there...kena ingat jua, mesti ada biar pun kecil atau sedikit harapan ..means, at the end..

sand king took 'what behind your eyes' and the result is "broken"
*you seem to have had alot of chaos in your life causing you to feel secluded from others.. you have little confidence which doesn't help with socialising..and more you feel a sense of sadness most times which has most likely been from a tragic loss.. you have had your heart broken i...nto millions of pieces and you feel you cant trust a girl much so you go for small flings which last no longer than a month. you need to set your mind on a girl you like, get to know her first really well and slowly learn to love her before anything serious happens...[for this part, ya..its happening now]

hurm. its really annoying when its get too real... zzz