hidup kita senang jak,somehow we do it and never look back...
ya..aku buat,dan sekarang tiada masa mau pandang belakang lagi..cukup!nothing there to regret. isn't it? messed up all the time?now..leading my own life?jadi biarkan semuanya...
-tingkatan 1, a thief
-tingkatan 2,a gang member
-tingkatan 3,'play boy' who care
-tingkatan 4,smoker
-tingkatan 5,buat kumpulan ponteng sekolah beramai-ramai.

then? is that all. totaly NO. it's more than that actually. duii...

-i hate to being tried. stop pretending you are someone else. why? i know who ever number cross my number. i know when do you lie. how? that is the function of keeping the friend and enemy within your eyes. no one of outsiders will cross my number. when someone is across me pretending. definitely i would play the game you did. why? you did the game. so be it. let's play on.

lets playing Dota... ops. Game starting edi lew...

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