Aku Kau & Dota [ The End ? ]

sometimes it’s hard to say “I quit”. After 7 years playing dota and wrinting in this guide for almost 2-4months, i think it’s time to get some rest. I don’t have any feeling that makes me wanna play DotA again, this how i fell just now there and this..i'm i? no passion, there is nothing that i want to rush. I think everybody will or maybe already had this feeling before. The best answer maybe leave the game for a while, take a rest, and come back with full passion, searching for something unfinished business...? haha..like a hell..

thanks for the readers, i’ll come write again even with my terrible english, at least i try, but anyway thanks for some critics, comment, idea, opinion, thanks. This is my first blog (i think iwill change this blog to sare some of my story in the future since i like this blog) and the responses from you all dotA lovers were good.

I’m going to search my fate in UcPlay. This is the game that i play along with Blueserver 3 years ago but since dotA get some fanatic or ‘extreme’ people playing in my bnet, i had no idea how to enjoy that game again. Last but not least, i will take a survey about enjoyment while playing game. This survey is needed for my thesis. I hope you participate in this survey since i know the readers here are game lovers. I learn so much from here, from learning english (i know not every word i wrote is good enough to be read by you), sharing opinion, and many more. I can only say thanks since i can’t give any of you anything....bye bye Garena..UcPlay, here i come xD

See you again , long live dota !!

* i quit playing dota in garena, but still i play dota in Ucplay xD


  1. dota quit . layan Hon pula bro :) ahaha

  2. potong ibu jari aku kalau ko quit main dota...
    kan hidup dan matimu hanya untuk dota...lalalala~~

  3. Melz: add me Hon, name v7_SetTe xD

    Rina: waaaa...smpai hati mu..lalallaa

    teDI: not gem liao,game xD