Pilih Yang Terbaik

All this quote I extract in its actual form from entry under the ‘Blues Untuk Aku’categories.. most of the entri dalam kategori ini is not directly reflect my real life. ..but some path of that ‘Blues Untuk Aku’ is more of my way in sees things. Be it from my experience, others or even imagination. Its kind of my medium of expression and if you notice almost every entry has its own messege. Oh, please excuse the grammar OK! :)


Give all people a fair chance and the time will tell whether or not

they belong to our life..


Give love to the right person. Thats all i have to give.


“Hidup ni kalau mahu membantu, janganlah sampai menyusahkan!”


Reality might be unpleasant but lower expectation with some

rationale will be good enough for an abandon relationship.


Stop comparing what you have now and then. We definitely will not

getting everything we wish for. Start accepting everything around you

as it is. Appreciate all you have now in your life because you will know

how precious all that when you lost them. God knows best what he

think the best for you. Just keep a little faith here and start believing that

your best thing will happen to come again and again!


If you really believe in love, think again. Because i dont think so!

Responsibility first, love will come then. Insyaallah!


Once you decide on what you really want, there are no more turning

back. Everythings after that is a quest. Whether or not you end up

happy with your choice is not that important as long as you really know

what you want in your life! After all, you know that you have a courage

to stick on your choice rather than being push here and there without

any clue on what you really want in life.


Everybody made mistake. Semua orang ada keburukan masing-

masing tapi keburukan seseorang itu tidak menjadikan dia tidak layak

untuk berkawan dengan kita.


The thing is everybody can think the way they want to. Try to

respect that. Everybody knows what they are doing. Trust on that.

After all, its not you to decide whether its right or wrong. Muhasabah

diri sendiri dulu la sebelum nak cakap orang tak sedar diri, tak tau

berfikir, takde akal or what so ever! There must be a reason for every

single thing happen. Find the reason on you first before jump to other

peoples. Insyaallah, you can easily accept everythings.


Whatever happen, HAPPENS! There is NOTHING you can do to

change that but you still have a choice to clean up the damage or make

it permanent!


Hargai hati dan perasaan sendiri dahulu sebelum orang lain.. Akal

akan tetap terus memimpin hati..


Just do the right thing because you just cannot dream of anything



Besar dugaan nya, besar juga ganjaran nya, isyaallah!


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