Layan Command and Conquer Red Alert 3

Red Alert was a game I had played for a long time, the first time I played it was Red Alert 2. I spent whole days on it, and I immediately got the Yuri’s revenge expansion as soon as it was out. Until last year, I found out that there was Red Alert 3, which I thought was a great disappointment.

Command and Conquer Red Alert 3: Uprising hehe...
game ni aku dah lama layan tapi aku stop untuk jangka masa panjang...sebab? sebelum Red Alert 3 kuar Red Alert 1-2 hanya main secara solo i think, dan yang ke 3 ni dia boleh network... xD
The game doesn’t require Red Alert 3, and is a stand alone expansion. In this new expansion, the story is more in-depth, with a new commander mod..

Many units disappeared, leaving only a few units left to play. As a result, I didn’t play Red Alert 3 for long, and later stopped playing it. The only good thing is a new faction, even though I completely disliked using the Japanese Empire. In my opinion (don’t get mad), I can’t really think of many different types of strategies, since there aren’t as much units as before. Other than that, I didn’t really like the idea of giving all the units special abilities since I cut down the number of units...

the end..


*somehow i really don't know, kenapa aku suka benda-benda cengini.. ? any ?


  1. haha..da stop red alert 3 since dowg sekat pirate version..i like so much japanese army..haha

  2. mcm best tapi leh donlod ke huhu

  3. c.Breaker: red alert 3 ni aku main biasa jak..sbb susah mau cari key registration dia...jadi main solo-solo..

    E.mimpi: boleh....yakin jak xD

  4. hahhahaa... pernah main red alert 1 je.. dulu2 kala punyaa~ ;DD

  5. uihh ni game adik aku nihh~ hhhahaa

  6. Hahahahak , aku xreti kot main mende2 ni .
    star craft ke , red alert ke..

  7. salam..

    aku pun same cam..minat sgt main game ala2 camni..best.

  8. yang penting semua, game ni best..haha