Random Is boring

i'm feeling abit lost now.. this is what happens when ur bored and lifeless..zzz.

-i hate doing work that has no answers to refer to.. it's stupid.. can't even check my work whether i'm right or wrong.. it's like.. u do do do do.. then if it's wrong.. wasted the whole friggin page and stuff.. when u can't check ur answers.. WHY can't everything just come with an answer for ppl like me to check my answers with.. ESPECIALLY for maths.. it's like.. i feel incomplete not knowing whether i did it correct or not.. zzzz

-i love maggi but i hate maggi mee.. it's like coated with a layer of wax for god knows what reason it's like eating some boiled candle that's shaped like noodles.. why is it even coated with wax? not like it needs to be all smooth and shiny like my face rite.. and not like it's ryon and all that needs to be waxed.. i mean.. why wax? can't u like coat it with.. hurmm.. i dunno... some nice tasting something rather than something that screws up ur health? lol..

-why am i so damn bored.. i hate being bored.. but i hate working too.. it's too boring that being boring is boring.. i'm so bored that i'm bored being bored.. why are u still reading this.. it's wasting ur time.. this whole paragraph is meant to make u laugh and go wtf.. still reading? what's wrong with u? stop reading!! there's nothing more down here.. it's just pure crap and crap and more and more crap.. lifeless people get lifeless that being lifeless is just too lifeless for a lifeless person.. how many times can u use one word repeatedly in the same sentence? haduii i'm getting hyper just typing this paragraph.. she sells seashells by the sea shore ahahahahahahhha.. i'm sry.. if anyone of u are still reading this.. u really are a true fan of my lameness xD luv u..