Story about Dota [ part 3 ]

after sick and tired of playing pub with support hero, now i play with my own hero. I don’t care whether my chosen is support or not, but at least i want to play with it . aku malas masa main dota other friend ask me pick hero ini atau itu..lmaooo. Selalu kalau main asyik kena suruh pick hero sapot, Int Hero. After a week playing like that, i found that the best support hero is Ezalor, the worst enemy in solo lane is Viper and Vengeful Spirit is all around hero. Spiritbreaker chosen by some people now, i don’t know but is there something different with him since last version? the same thing happen with bloodseeker.

macam malam semalam,main guna hero int, Ezalor and i don’t see why Lich got the same build with me. I should get guinsoo not mekans because Lich already got it. But after all, i don’t like Ezalor too much if no intel hero killer in team like Enchantrees or Obsidian Destroyer maybe. hmm..just an opinion after all :D