*Modified blue coins cheat where mayor will not appear so you can slowly decorate your house and take photos of it. However, game still cannot be saved so make sure you take screenshots, photos before refreshing the game.

Tools (you can download the following tools in the Tools section):
Flash 9 only
Fiddler 2
Cheat Engine
Follow the steps clearly, or it will not work.Watch the video at the bottom of the page if unclear.
Open Fiddler
Press File and make sure it is capturing traffic.
If you are using Firefox as shown in the video, make sure Fiddler mode is "Force Traffic to Fiddler"

Enter Pet Society [click to play]
All the traffic should be showing up in Fiddler, if not, you either make sure you did step 3 or change to another browser like IE. Remember, it has to be Flash 9.
In Fiddler, search for this line: '/game/pets/swf/XX.XX.XX/prefs.xml'
(X = changing version numbers)
It is definitely there, open your eyes bigger if you cant find it. Or clear browser cache if it really is not appearing. Go to Tools > Clear Recent History > Everything
Right click this line and select 'Copy > Just URL'
Click AutoResponder in Fiddler and click 'Add'
Go to your browser and paste the URL that you have just copied into the address bar.
The xml page will show up. Click File > Save Page As, and save the file to your Desktop
Now, go to your Desktop and open the prefs.xml file that you have just saved. Use notepad or any XML editor.
You should see these lines 'pref name="saveIntervalMedium" value="45" type="Number"/
and pref name="saveIntervalLow" value="90" type="Number"/
Change the '45' and '90' to '99999999'
pref name="saveIntervalMedium" value="99999999" type="Number"/
pref name="saveIntervalLow" value="99999999" type="Number"/
Go back to Fiddler and click on AutoResponder
Click on the Dropdown arrow beside 'Save' and select "Find a File'
Select the prefs.xml file that we have just edited on the desktop
Click Save
Click Clear Cache, Remove > ALL, and refresh Pet Society

Now start using the Blue Coin cheat and the Mayor will not appear.
Click on 'Add Playfish Cash' (at the top)
Click on 'Convert Playfish Cash to Coins' //Note: You must NOT have any playfish cash!
A popup will say 'You don't have 10 playfish cash to convert...'
Open Cheat engine and select firefox as process
Settings: Tick HEX, Also scan read-only, Array of bytes
Scan "0F84940000008B48088B"
A few addresses returned. Right click the Bottom address and Disassemble
Scroll up a few lines and you will see 'jmp xxxxxxxx'
Right click this code and select 'Replace with code that does nothing'
Go to Cash Shop in Pet Society
Try to buy an item. It will say that you do not have enough cash to purchase.
New scan "0F847F0400008B51088B"
1 address returned. Right click > Disassemble
Scroll up and you will see 'jne xxxxxxxx'
Right click this code and select 'Replace with code that does nothing'
Now you can buy the cash shop items. Slowly decorate your house as the Mayor will not appear.


  1. hehe.main game fb ek? singgah sini!

  2. dah lvl 47 da...hah coins pun dah milions2.. xD nak?