remembering SDO

funny moments in SDO xD

haha..just around 3.00am...
some experiment in SDO turned into a hamsap experiment..haha...XD

me and evil xiao xiao were kissing like crazy and we tot of taking a nice

screen shot in SDO...
Mana tahu it turn out become so hamsap...haha...

Although Me is in a girl character and same wif he! xD he kissed my "there"...XD
Haha!! i promise xiao not to say that he is a boy and i kept my promise...i didn't say it..Haha! =)

Read our conversation..

sound so XXX..Haha
tengok kami..macam mana...kiss kiss...=.=

tidak tahu sua mau cakap apa,just a random post..

A same timing kissing pose..haha..=)

Nothing to write edi..come play SDO xD


  1. haha..akma nie,best..bulan bulan beli button keybord..haha..

  2. sdo-x? wat season just now?

  3. my fren main game ni. dari aritu dia mintak i main game ni but i cam malas nak install. HAHAHA

    best ke?