Mood Aku Down [ unknown ]

Sometimes.. No. Most of the time, certain thing were better off left unknown. Sometimes, curiosity will only promise you harm.

Most of the time, the truth was not pretty. Most of the time we dont like the truth. Most of the time we do not expect the truth can be so frustrating. Most of the time we craving for a different truth. We always want to hear what we want to. We always want to believe what we want to. We always forget that most of the time the truth was not like what we want it.

So, why bother to be curious then? So that we do not live in denial. So that we could be ready for the most difficult process in life. The ACCEPTANCE process.

Unless we are ready for the acceptance, things are much more better off to be left unknown!

*sorry sayang mode


  1. jgn down down.. hehe ;D
    tersenyumlah ke hatimu..

  2. nur: tersnyum sudah..lalalala..

    tedi: bugerr cheeeeesseeee xD