sorry my love sorry my "friend's"

for having a little nonsense secret your girlfriend would left you alone.
i would like to ask something.
if i have a secret that i kept from my gf. will it be any reason?
yes. because i don't want her to know? why is that?
because it might hurt her and worse of all she will think the negativity of me.
is it logic? yes! but a couple shouldn't kept any secret from anyone.
yes. and whatever....
the fact. did you kept any secret from me?
i don't even know. i trust you blindly.
why you can't do the same? because you never have the gut to trust me on the first place.
that what make us different my dear.
i trust you with my life.
and you trust me with my phone. how?
by checking it regularly. are you a computer programmes that was scheduled to scan all of me everytime we go out? if i want to hide something from you i would hide it just like there is no one in the world would know it. if i want to hide something i wouldn't even tell you what was happening. quote of your message "if you didn't trust me then stop".
so i want you to re-read it. and i will be shouting at you.
*if you didnt trust me and then stop*
deal with it. it a harsh statement. but it's from my deepest and darkest part of heart.
the part of heart that you always hurt. didn't you?

*anyway.i didn't have many friend... and im not exchanging with that. friend is something different from lover. and i don't compare with it, how you?
or is it love is the same level of friendship to us? if so,fine..the end.


  1. d same goes to me dud,seriously. n d part dat most hurts when u believes sum1 so much n treat they like an angel then at 1 shot boom! lies n bad things n evrtg goes out. who can accpt dat huh? d best way settle up n STOP. like wut u wanna shout! but it useless, no 1 will hear. heh.

  2. i couldn't think..am offended in a lot of way by this..do what you think is the best..if i'm not worth it,then, so be it..if you can't trust my judgment then don't, if you having doubt then query..,if you think this is just some level of friendship and not love,..do whats best for you..i will deal with the heart pain later..oh, i'm soooooooooo used to that.k bye

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  4. i trust my boy, never check his phone whatsoever.. i dont like checking stuff, etc..

    but what i know most, i shudnt trust him since the begining, cz hes a liar at d 1st place...