Story about Dota [ part 1 ]

this is the longest time that i don’t played dota, maybe for 2-3 days i don’t login to garena or battel.net . Everytime i want to play, i had remembered when playing in some cc game, everything isn’t good at all. so i decided to at least off a while, and play another game, like sdo-x, red`alert 3, ps2, or other game. But tonight, i’m ready for dota again (hopefully), and meet some other noob again xD.

many people argue that mortred high end build is like this, or maybe like those, but you can’t reach those item if your mate, or the game can’t come close to an end or late game. So, i recommend you if you want to play those hero with your own build, make sure your mate let you farm and last hit hero, pull creep, and etc since you’re the one they hope.. the end.


  1. smpai skrg aku x phm kenape org sume men dota hahaha :D

  2. dota itu pemusnah cinta.