aku mengalami satu situasi yg agak janggal where i feel very very very mad at certain someone. the problem is, we are never connected to each other in…err… usual terms. im

sure he’ll never read this blog and thats fine by me because i just feel like i want to explode. but if by chance he did read this…well… sod u. u think u can just insult someone and get away with it? big chance. i’ll hunt u. mark my words.

You’re so happy now

Burning a candle at both ends

Your self-loving soothes

And softens the blows you’ve invented

Crack’s healing up

Future soul forgive this mess

You waste twenty years

And wind up alone, demented

*Tak banyak ilmu syirik yang aku tau,so don't try me..haha..( acaHh jak laa xD )


  1. lalink aa..aiyoo..very scared owwh..takut takut..huhuhuh

  2. alasan jak suma ni syg..haha