Story about Dota [ part 4 ]

During the battle, chasing someone with throw Storm Bolt or Magic Missile is common now. But, due to Warcraft 3 engine, rendering Stun time can’t be manipulated, slow skill become the answer. We can stack many slow skill such as Poison Touch, Frost Nova, Degen Aura etc and there isn’t any reduction at all for those skill. Compare to stun, the longest stun ever around 3.75 sec, if i’m not mistaken, Magnus Reverse Polarity can do that. But, it’s an ultimate skill, compare it to single skill like any other slower skill. But, both of slower and stuner can be countered by one thing. Still Black King Bar is the real answer for this problem the end.. xD

me: slower batter then stuner..


  1. hehehe. sebenarnya aku masih tercari2 dota ni pasal ape. hikhikkk~

  2. simple...dota is warcraft :D