Story about Dota [ part 2 ]

lucu pulak baca tentang zeus dekat satu forum di satu laman web.. diaorang panggil Zues?:D I think everyone knows that Zeus is a legend or God at the past time in Greece. jadi apa anda pikir tentang Zues ? xD

Well, I think only some of melee hero can survive against ranged hero, especially ranged who can cast spell or orb modified. Tide will win if he can get perseverance fast, so he can stay spam gush or try to scare and get a lucky strike. About Mortred, i don’t have the right and good answer, believe me Mortred is a creepy hero at start and he can’t participate well in big battle, especially when AoE hero move in the big clash. He will get killed so easy. Kalau anda tentang soalan ni, aku cuma boleh cakap.. the counter should be other Agi hero like FV, Troll, other permastun and some kind of Tank Anubarak and maybe Blade Mail. lol.

Believe me asking this question will never get the right and exact answer because there always be probably and possibility, you can hex him if he don’t get BKB, you can stun him or finger dead him, stun him if you get a lucky strike (hero aku paling suka ialah PA, sebab dodges dia very well)


  1. nak nagi award kat awak ni...sila ambil si sini yea http://msueroomz.blogspot.com/2010/03/first-time-dapat.html

  2. award kedua untuk awak atas layout awak yang cntik..amik disini yea

    http://msueroomz.blogspot.com/2010/03/second-time-dapat.htmlaward kedua untuk awak atas layout awak yang cntik..amik disini yea