another research

since i eagerly want to know who i am. i did study my behavior well recently. so here we go.

i am a right brained dominant person.
i see the world in my own unique way...susah ni mau discribe tapi bunyinya begitu la.
aku jenis yang buat keputusan sendiri dengan cari sendiri.
i processes information in a rapid, spatial, and perceptual manner.
i concentrates more on emotion than logic.
i rely on imagination when finding solutions to problems.
i operate in a nonlinear, simultaneous style.
i tend to think visually-spatially more than verbally.
sometimes aku tidak dapat kawal emosi dengan tenang.
aku jenis yang tidak kisah,maksud ku...dikhalyak ramai.
i love to convince myself of things that aren't true.
i am constantly put myself down.
i always convince myself that i don't deserve anything good.
i hate compliments.
i often think of who i am, but only the negative comes to mind.
i am trying to match myself to an impossible standard.
aku bohong sebab aku silap dalam kebenaran
aku percaya yang lain berbohong sebab mau gembirakan aku
i cant stop from lying to myself.
i pretend to be all together but i barely breathing.
i tend to hurt myself on the inside.
i enjoy from helping someone in a sad situation or being a grief counselor.
i tend to feel secluded from others.
i have little confidence which doesn't help with socialising.
i am only extremely reliable if i want too.
i do not have rules of engagement.
aku jenis yang aggressive in silent way.
i am persistence on something pay off.
i was one of society part although people may not want too.
i have a bold personality.
tidak suka tangguh-tangguh, and not in small stages.
i am self centered person.
i am reckless and easily manipulated by situation.
i do have temper problem.
i always wanted to be protected,loved, and adored.
i enjoy most of my time being alone or in small group.
i easily turned into "cold" mood when depressed.
i tried to see the good in life but have fallen short.
i am a bit out of norm.
i am pissed off that people won't accept me for who i am.
i often said to be rude but it's the way of who i am.
i hardly cry and only do when i am angry or badly hurt.
i am one rebellious person.

hurmm..ya.itu jak yang aku boleh discribe buat masa ni. its far complicated actually. :)


  1. The world judge of men by their ability in their profession, and we judge of ourselves by the same test for it is on that on which our success in life depends.

  2. and moon...how you judge me pls..tQ

  3. hurm....
    kita baru sahaja kenal... 3 days, 48 hours, 19 minutes, 38 seconds .. I may not qualify to judge u in a short time. but I hve my own opinion about u.u are friendly person . dan mungkin tak salah, if I said u are caring person. enuf for this time.. ehhehehe

  4. kidding la cik moon haha..lalallaa~~

  5. hmm..napa mcm suma perangai ko is my behaviour also? or was it sbb the words have just been well said..hmm..i wonder what is it like to meet you in person? eh..I did..LOL..cuma not directly..LOL...

  6. mungkin sbb kita ada jodoh..?betul tak cik moon?
    ada jmpa meh? ehh...atau sekilas pandangan sahaja...itu nama di kira...lalallaa!

  7. hi there. ade buat some research tak kenape behave like that? indeed, u're quite complicated. and 1 more thing, "i hate compliments".. why meh? haha

  8. tiada la sarah...mungkin aku patut buat cengitu..hurmm