been missing someone

i know i should not write this.
because i have to take care of my girl feeling.
but here i sat on my bed.
crying alone and writing these.
my heart is shattered suddenly.
it rip away my heart.
it should not be this way.
i know i have a new gf. i'm happy with her and love her.
i know i'm not her bf anymore. but there something.
that made me feels like this.
urm. i'm not jealous. neither hate nor angry.
it just a feeling where you suddenly crying even you don't want too.
it make you feels your heart been crushed by something.
like you are out of your breath.
ahh...i miss my ex-gf. :'(
but in these time i kept telling myself of my current gf promises.
"i will make you forget them forever"
but at the same time
"i dont want to forget them"
but please. if my gf is reading this.
make me forget them soon or i might be dead.
once again the knife just next to my pillow. :'(

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