mode aku silent

kenapa? why?
ndak tau,and i dont know and i dont understand..
maybe i just need my own sweet time..
ndak jugak bah,cuma...itu la...itu la...apa yang itu la..zzz, focusing on every single things that i've done or will be doing..
no. its not because of the comments that i got from facebook.
or not also from the status that i read at facebook...im just tired of being someone like this.
im also tired of being some kind of person who is needed to fill one's lonesomeness or boredom...erk? apa aku cakap ni ya..haha..mungkin bosan sua dengan umur yang sua tua ni tapi masih jua blom kawin kawin..te..he..hee
k la..superduper tired lew..

*continue with silent mode until further notice..adiosss

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