Hidup bukan senang tau..

Life has taught my one thing if i could just compose it in a sentence...macam orang cakap, you can never write life.nor edit it. nor rewrite it. nor delete it...

cruel it may seems. i've written so many paragraphs of what i thought life would turn out to be. i've written what it thought would happen and what i thought who turn out to be. those were nothing out of the extraordinary..senangkan tanggaapan kita.. but somehow none of my writings came true. be it positive or negative 'expectations', none of it really become a reality..

so much of trying to be optimistic about the future, crafting and writing in full optimism, optimism fell short in my real life. it turned out to be the opposite. then my next paragraph i tried to play as close to life, adding few pessimism to my life story. but then it turned out to be the opposite, again.

just why can't we predict life? i know life of predictability is a boring one but life of the opposite is no better either. i can't stand expectations. i can't stand the attacks of them. i can't stand it's back stabbing. the moment you thought you have started to get a clear definition of your life, the terms has changed. and the moment you thought you are trying to get the hang of life, it hooks and kills you.

for me: i blog when i need to motivate myself, when i'm in anger, sadness, bad situation. when i'm happy,aku tulis kau baca.

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