me Happy ?

happy?? finally, I can start to breathe again and my heart can start to beat normally,no more excessive caffeine..Things had been too hectic that I forgot to breathe a few times. People die when they have insufficient oxygen in their lungs you know. Luckily I'm alive. But then again, having free time and too much oxygen doesn't even save me from misery.

Sometimes I just don't know myself anymore. I don't know which one is the real me. The emotional crazy.. who throw tantrums and curse everything that are not seems to be right OR just a plain optimistic man who has a strong faith that one day her dreams will come true and all she has to do when things are not in her way, is to be PATIENT. Patience... easy concept to grasp... yet elusive to perform... takes much more to maintain...and now...yaa you can say i'm happy..lallaala