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i’m an ass, i mess things up further by giving my opinion...hurmm i have keep quite. but by keeping quite means messing things up altogether. so u understand what i feel right now? i feel guilty. so f*****g guilty
if she read this, i just wanted u to know that i’m so sorry. sorrier than i can say. believe me when i said something about that i mean it...no turning back, u have the right to be mad at me ..it’s ok if u think i dont deserve it. i dont expect to be pardoned. but i hope someday, u will find it in your heart to understand, if not forgive, me.

i am so sorry. sorrier than i can say. i am not going to defend myself by explaining my action. but i apologize for everything i’ve say...

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  1. if she is your true friend..she may have already forgive you...^_^