night epic of mine

when the rotten world sets the suns
those bright days is towards the end
then the moons shine the hopeless lights
leaving shadows scattered all around

fear filled within shallowed souls
looking for light from biblical text
they found nothing but despair
breaking the fragile faith they share

and those who believe buried inside
as the beast inside is unleashed
untamed, uncontrollable, unstoppable
nothing left white but the moons

and its remains shining upon the night
thats getting darker every moment
awaits there, the suns for the new dawn
to once again shines upon those astray


1st para:
when the circumstances kills the hope
joys are fading away from life
replaced by religion guidance that seems to be weakened
leaving nothing but illusive goodness

2nd para:
those people who are less educated in religion are filled with fear of the worlds end
still they try to find something in the holy religion book
but nothing bring them back to the days where faith was strong
thus washing away any faith that they hold before

3rd para:
their goodness and kindness are hidden deep inside
and their evil are exposed on the outside
turning human being to animals
their religion is the only things that remain in good,but not their people

4th para:
however,religion are holy things that can't be wipe out,its survive
even the worst condition,even humanity is nothing more than a word
the religion now awaits till one day
the human founds their faith again