playing your games

recently someone try to fools me. by pretending to be someone else.
u know? the spies game. frankly. below is the step i take.

#unknown numbers in and claimed to be someone i'd know.
#check and re-check with enemy and friends. result is negative.
#called the person who she claimed to be. again the result is negative.
-it's a game. for me. two level of checking is enough. becoz i don't have too many friend and enemy. i do trust on both of them. enemy and friend. that is how you keep track of everything they try.
-then? play the game. pretend to be what the organizers of the games want you to be.
-when i had enough laughing. i tells that the game was total rubbish. and laugh. haha

okay. thats all. owh. then the organizer of the game try to says this and that. try to remind me that she is the winner even not claiming it. but here is my few questions to the reader. not the organizer. because the organizer won't think before act. that is why she didn't qualified to answer these kind of question.

the question is.
#in a game. can the organizer be the winner? nop.
#in a game. can the word uses in game be used outside? nop.
#in a game. is there any possibility that the organizer is taking advantage on participants?
definitely yes. it's always obvious and always happened.

this is what i get after the game. i think she need a reason to pull away from me. it's a reason so she can't be avoided to be blame by everyone around. or it might be a reason to prevent her from feeling guilty. and that is the conclusion here. my last word to everyone is. i'd faced this a lot. this is how the game of life is played. playing your games

*for me: any dota player ?